My Picture

I am a computer science researcher working in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). Currently, I am a researcher at Disney Research (DR), Los Angeles. At DR I am conducting research in multi-modal Affective computing, Conversational Systems and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

I did my Ph.D. at Saarland University, Germany under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Manfred Pinkal and Dr. Ivan Titov. I was associated with Department of Computational Lingusitics, MultiModal Cluster Initiative (MMCI) and Department of Computer Science.

During my Ph.D. I researched on modeling common sense knowledge about the world via Scripts. By scripts, I do not mean python scripts or movie scripts but Scripts are sequence of events representing a stereotypical activity for e.g. going to restaurant or making a coffee. My research focused on modeling scripts in terms of events governing the script. The idea was to learn good representations for events, which I refer as event embeddings (event vectors). The learned event embeddings capture the semantics of the event and can be used for other applications besides scripts.