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Computer Science and Engineering Department,
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur)
Kanpur, 208016, Uttar Pradesh,




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In case you want to meet, please schedule a meeting here.

Note for Students/Researchers/PostDocs

In case you want to meet me regarding a course I am offering DO NOT schedule any meeting. Your meeting invite will likely be labeled spam! Refer to office hours mentioned on the course webpage.

In case you are interested in pursuing a project under me, first of all Thanks for showing interest!

In case you are interested in research internship, please fill this FORM. Please DO NOT EMAIL me regarding research internships, such emails will automatically go into spam. But note that I do not offer any short term intersnhip. There is no shortcut to research! Research is a slow and dedicated process and takes time. I do not offer any internships less than 6 months, DO NOT fill the form if you are interested in short-term research. Please fill the form and if there is an opening and there is a match, I will contact you, please do not email me.

I have put in some filters, in case you do not adhere to the format, your email is most likely to end up in spam. Please very clearly and directly (no need for a statement of purpose) write about your research experience and possibly, include a link to your CV (no attachments please!). Please specifically mention the project/area you are interested in. Based on the what you are interested in, please have the following as the subject title: We all have limited time, so let's make best use of it!

I will try my best but due to limited resources and time I might not be able to respond to every request.